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I.M.C.I – Innovation in patient-centered Multimodality Cardiac Imaging

I.M.C.I. was born in COVID-19 era and developed in line with pandemia’s restrictions. Despite the limitations we took this condition as an opportunity. Starting from the framework of three congresses we launched previously, 3D Echo 360, Milan Cardiac Imaging and Innovations in Cardiology, we designed a sensational structure for a planetary event with the support of a superb international panel of experts

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Video 1:
21m 36s

Multimodality imaging in patients with severe aortic valve stenosis

Relatori: Dr. Mauro Pepi, Dr. Judy Hung, Dr. Marie-Annick Clavel, Prof. Philippe Pibarot

Video 2:
21m 36s

Multimodality imaging to assess patients with functional tricuspid regurgitation

Relatori: Dr.ssa Denisa Muraru, Prof. Luigi Badano, Dr.ssa Victoria Delgado, Prof. William Zoghbi

Video 3:
21m 36s

Multimodality imaging to assess patients with functional mitral regurgitation

Relatori: Dr.ssa Valentina Volpato, Dr. Joao I. Cavalcante, Dr. Niccolò Piazza, Dr. Eleonora Avenatti

Video 4:
21m 36s

Mitral annulus disjunction. A possible mechanism for ventricular arrhythmias in Mitral Valve Prolapse

Relatori: Prof. Sabino Iliceto, Prof. Alex P.W. Lee, Prof.ssa Martina Perazzolo Marra, Dr. Stefano Figliozzi

Video 5:
21m 36s

Stable coronary artery disease

Relatori: Dr. Leesle Shaw, Dr. Dey Damini, Prof. GIanluca Pontone, Dr. Danilo Neglia

Video 6:
21m 36s

Imaging and Arrhythmias

Relatori: Dr. Jens Uwe Voigt, Prof. Andrea I. Guaricci, Dr.ssa Anna Baritussio, Dr.ssa Alessia Gimelli

Video 7:
21m 36s

Innovation in Cardiomyopathies

Relatori: Dr. Rodolfo Citro, Prof.ssa Lia Crotti, Prof.ssa Jeanette Schulz-Menger, Prof. Marco Metra

Video 8:
21m 36s

Cardiac diagnostics at the service of Sport

Relatori: Prof. Sanjay Sharma, Prof. Flavio D'Ascenzi, Dr.ssa Sabiha Gati, Prof. Gianfranco Parati

Video 9:
21m 36s

From the clinical suspicion to the diagnostic work-flow in patients with ventricular arrhythmias (CASE-BASED session how clinical/ECG red flags address the diagnostic workflow)

Relatori: Prof. Antonio Dello Russo, Dr. Edoardo Conte, Dr.ssa Marianna Fontana, Prof. Corrado Carbucicchio

Video 10:
21m 36s

Multimodality imaging to assess patients with infective endocarditis

Relatori: Dr. Giuseppe Trocino, Prof. Riemer Slart, Prof.ssa Paolo Erba, Prof. Marc Dweck

Video 11:
21m 36s

Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology

Relatori: Prof. Gianluca Pontone, Prof. Federico M. Asch, Dr. Carlo De Cecco, Prof. Marco Francone

Video 12:
21m 36s

Cardiovascular Imaging in Assessing Hypertension Mediated Organ Damage

Relatori: Prof. Giovanni De Simone, Prof.ssa Maria Lorenza Muiesan, Prof. Thomas Weber, Prof.ssa Eva Gerdts

Responsabile scientifico

Prof. Sabino Iliceto

Università degli Studi di Padova

Responsabile Scientifico

Prof. Gianfranco Parati

Università di Milano Bicocca